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Kratom (Mitrogyna speciosa) is a natural botanical native to tropical Southeast Asia that is part of the coffee family. The people of Southeast Asia have used Kratom leaves as a traditional remedy for hundreds of years.

Kratom is not a synthetic substance but rather a naturally occurring substance that is a safe herbal supplement thats more like tea or coffee than any other substance.


Each Strain Has Its Own Benefits

Six Unique Strains to Choose From. Find the one right for you with our guide below!

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Maeng Da

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Maeng Da Extract

One of Great Lakes Kratom's most popular strains. Offering extra energy, extra concentration and extra mood boost. 

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White Elephant

Gets its name from the shape and size of its leaves. The leaves are large, similar to the ears of an elephant. Promoting energy, increased focus and anxiety relief. 

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Red Bali

A dark Red leaf strain that is handpicked from fresh Kratom trees in Indonesia. Many customers have claimed that our Red Bali is both relaxing and a natural pain-reliever. 

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Red Vietnam

A great daily strain for those seeking natural pain reduction without the traditional sedative effect that red strains are known to have on users. Customers boast of experiencing a balanced mood with mental clarity. 

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Super Green

Uniquely different then many traditional green strains and is said to be the most energetic of all Great Lakes Kratom strains. Jump start your day today with our popular energetic Super Green strain!

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Red Bali Maeng Da Extract Red Vietnam Maeng Da Super Green

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